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Toowoomba Agricultural & Machinery Field Days

will be held on Tues 2nd, Wed 3rd, Thurs 4th September

at Toowoomba Royal Showgrounds

Call in and see Colin at the Tnn Industries Stand

Further enquiries: Phone Colin Purnell

on 0419 790 964/07 4633 2219


Talooby Angus Stud Bull Sale

Bylong Valley  on September 5th, 2014

Peter Doyle & Bill Munton will be attending

If your looking for a good quality Red or Black Angus Bull

Come along and have a chat to Bill or Peter about fertilizer needs and using

Tnn Mineral Plus to keep your cattle looking good.

Contact Bill on 0427 252 318 for further info.


A Field Day witll be held at Jeff & Margaret Frankams'

Property "GLENROY" Ballimore NSW on

Friday 12th September to show off their Sheep &

Lamb production and Wool improvement as well as

Lupins & Oats Crops

For further information contact:

Peter Doyle- 0418 838 064/ 02 688 65235


Elmore & District Machinery Field Days

7-8-9 October, 2014

See Peter or Alan











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Livestock : Nutritional Lick Supplement

TNN Complex Lick Block


TNN Complex Lick Block overcomes the challenges of oral administration or water medication where this is not available. Sheep and cattle will consume the product as required and consumption is self regulating according to individual need. It has been developed to assist your livestocks mineral intake especially during drought conditions. TNN Complex Lick Block is a combination of essential micro nutrients and macro elements that are needed for maximum digestive function and to maintain a strong immune function, and are blended together in a chelated and lignosulphonated form with salt and a small amount of molasses to maximize uptake and regulate consumption. TNN Complex Lick Block may be used as Ad-Lib mineral supplement for all classes of cattle and sheep.

TNN Complex Lick Block contains Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Cobalt, Selenium, Sulphur, Iodine, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorous, Crude Protein Equivalent, Reducing Sugars, Vitamin ADE, Salt and Molasses.

Additional Information:
TNN Complex Lick Block comes in a convenient 20 kg block in a biodegradable carton.