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TNN will be at Site 111-Maitland Showgrounds on APRIL 18th,19th and 20th.

Call in and talk to Bill Munton.  

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Soil Tests

At TNN we know that to be able to help with programs to suit individual farms we must have a bench mark to start with ….THE SOIL TEST.. it gives us an overview of that soils condition at that specific time.

Soil testing gives the most accurate snapshot when the soil is damp, so we recommend that all soil testing (where possible)be taken with moisture present. Many elements do not show up in their desirable levels when soil is very dry Soil should be sampled at a depth of approximately 100-150 mm for average crops and pastures if we intend to correct the situation with appropriate fertilization and ground conditioning. Deeper samples need to be taken if we are looking at leached nutrients and salt problems and soil will little nutrient holding capacity.

All instructions are supplied to enable the farmer to take their own sample accurately and then when analysed all results are interpreted in farmer language so that you can understand the condition of your land and can see at a glance the nutrient levels that exist in the soil that was tested.

Examples of Soil Reporting